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First Time Central Heating Grants

For the purposes of the ECO Scheme and to qualify for first time central heating grants, the new central heating system to be installed must be a system which provides space heating through a boiler, connected to radiators.

First Time Central Heating Grants Qualifying Criteria requires that the new central heating system is installed in domestic premises which has never had a central heating system.

You must also receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or Other Allowances unless you qualify under ECO Flex Rules, please see below.

FREE Loft Insulation Grants

A new energy efficiency scheme Great British Insulation Scheme launched in February this year, the Connected for Warmth Scheme, offers fully funded, free loft insulation to households in Council Tax Bands A – D. The scheme also offers eligible households fully funded cavity wall insulation. Households that qualify can have one or both of these energy efficiency measures. This scheme is open to owner-occupiers and private tenants/private landlords. Edanhomes is proud to be one of the delivery partners.

Households will need to have a survey to check property suitability.

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FREE Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

The New Warmth Scheme Great British Insulation Scheme that was launched in February 2023 will now provide funding for cavity wall insulation for homes in Council Tax Bands A-D. Edan Homes provide the installation in West Midlands areas and you can check to see if you’re eligible here. If you require installation outside of those council tax bands you may still be viable for free cavity wall installation through a different scheme. If you aren’t eligible for funding, we can arrange a survey and provide you with a quote.

Free Air Source Heat Pump Grants

Anyone living in England, Scotland or Wales can apply for government grants that cut the cost of installing an air source heat pump. The size of the grants available depends on where you live.

There are grants of up to £7,500 available or £9,000 for some rural areas of Scotland.

To see if you qualify, answer the questions using the ‘Do I qualify’ button.

free solar panel grants uk
free solar panel grants uk

Free Solar Panel Grants

Solar Panel grants could be available to households who meet the given criteria. You’re usually eligible if you or someone in your home receives benefits and lives in an energy inefficient home. We can access on your behalf are ECO4 and LA-FLEX. You may also qualify for other home warming measures such as external & internal wall insulation.

Internal & External Wall Insulation

You might be able to get help insulating the internal walls and external walls of your home through scheme like ECO4/LA FLEX. To qualify, you might need to receive specific benefits. The rules for who can get this help can be different, sometimes depending on what your local council decides.

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