Improve your energy efficiency with replacement storage heaters

Electric Storage heaters

Improve your energy efficiency with replacement storage heaters

Electric storage heaters are a budget-friendly option compared to regular ones. They use Economy 7, an off-peak rate, for cheaper electricity.

These heaters store warm air, perfect for chilly winters. They heat up bricks overnight and release heat during the day when electricity is cheaper!

Why choose new electric storage heaters?

Electric storage heaters are super handy if you’re home most of the time. Plus, if you already have electric heaters, there are Government Grants available to swap them for more efficient ones.

  • Uses cheaper electricity rates to save money.
  • Low maintenance appliances
  • Easy, quick installation with no hassle
  • Latest models come with built-in thermostats for heating control

Is there any funding available for electric storage heaters?

Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme might offer funding. It’s a program where energy companies help improve energy efficiency in homes, targeting low-income households with low property EPC ratings. This aims to cut carbon emissions, fight fuel poverty, and save money on energy bills.

Frequently asked questions

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Are electric storage heaters cheap to run?

Storage heating systems, also called off-gas or cogeneration units, use cheaper night-time rates. They release heat during the day when it’s not pricey, helping cut electricity bills! Though they take time to heat up fully, they’re a good investment if saving money and being eco-friendly matters to you.

Electric heaters vs. storage heaters: What sets them apart?

Electric Radiators vs. Storage Heaters: The big difference is that Storage Heaters use Economy 7, saving money with cheaper off-peak electricity rates—usually half the cost of standard tariffs.

Storage heaters store heat in clay blocks overnight, slowly releasing it during the day. On the other hand, electric radiators provide faster warmth without hiking up your bills!

Are your installers employed by you?

Yes. Our professional employed teams are trained to the highest standards.

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