Government Free Boiler Scheme

Your boiler is the heartbeat of your home!

Keeping you warm during the colder months and providing you with a constant supply of hot water 24/7. However, they can be expensive to run particularly if you have an old, inefficient boiler and heating system.

Now there is a government eco (Energy Company Obligation) scheme in place to help homeowners receive a boiler grant which will help the energy efficiency of their homes. To qualify for this grant homeowners need to be receiving qualifying benefits and have a boiler is 10+ years old.

How Do I Qualify?

To join the Government boiler schemes in Birmingham, you need to be a homeowner or a tenant. Your boiler should be at least 7 years old because fixing it is usually cheaper than replacing it before that.

Should you meet the two requirements above, you can then qualify by being a recipient of any of the government benefits below:

– Child Tax Credits

– Universal Credit

– Working Tax Credits

– Pension Credits

– Income Related JSA

– Income Related ESA

Receiving any of the benefits above is not a complete assurance you’ll get a free A-Rated boiler grant. But it’s a good chance to try. Go to our website, type in your postcode, and we’ll help you apply for a grant. If you qualify, you might get a free boiler in or near Birmingham.

Didn’t Qualify? Don’t Worry!

If you don’t get those government benefits, you can still apply for a cheaper boiler replacement through the government scheme.

Free Boiler Grants is here to help with the free boiler programme. With over 12 years of experience, we cover everything from surveys to installation and aftercare in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We handle it all without involving other companies, so you can trust in our quality every step of the way.

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If you qualify then the team at Edan Homes can provide a no obligation energy efficiency assessment which is carried out free of charge and allows us to determine how much grant funding you are entitled to. There may be an occasion where a small contribution is required, and we will advise you how much this will be before undertaking the installation.
Any contributions that are made are only taken after the installation is full completed and you are completely satisfied with the work carried out on your new boiler and heating system. Find out if you qualify for the scheme below and if you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact one of the Edan Homes team today.

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