The Great British Insulation Scheme is a government initiative in the UK aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in homes.

What is Great British Insulation Scheme?

The Great British Insulation Scheme is a recently established government initiative designed to help individuals in insulating their homes, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing energy charges. This program is set to launch in July 2023 and will operate until March 2026.


Cavity Wall Insulation

Most of the heat within the home is lost through the walls. Using modern cavity wall insulation such EPS Bonded Beads you can add efficiency to lower your bills, improve comfort and reduce condensation.

If your walls are cavity walls which most homes built since the 1920s are, then its likely your home maybe suitable.

Loft Insulation

Many lofts were only filled with insulation to the top of the joists at a height of 100mm. Over time the loft insulation crushes itself and becomes less high. A loft top up to the industry minimum of 270mm will vastly improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Modern loft insulations are no longer itchy like in the past.

Who is eligible for the GBIS?

The GBIS will target lowincome and vulnerable houses, as well as those living in homes with an Energy Performance Certificate( EPC) rating of D- G, and within Council Tax bandsA-D in England andA-E in Scotland and Wales. This means another people than ever, particularly those stumbling with their bills, will be able get help with the cost of making their home more energy efficient.

How much will the GBIS cost?

The cost of installing insulation through the GBIS may be covered in full through the scheme, or you may be offered the insulation for a contribution, depending on the measure and any property issues. The scheme is hoped to save around£ 300 to£ 400 a time on consumers bills.

great british insulation scheme

You will qualify for free insulation

Your home is in Council Tax band A – D

Your home must be in council tax bands A – D to qualify, there are no exceptions.

Click this link if you would like to find your council tax band:

Your homes EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is rated D – G

The EPC for the property must be rated D – G otherwise it will not be considered.

If you would like to find your EPC rating:

Your home requires either cavity wall or loft insulation

The scheme will allow you to either have cavity wall insulation or loft insulation for free. It will only cover one or the other.

Your cavities should be empty or your loft insulation to be less than 100mm deep (height of joists)

Should we apply for the GBIS?

The GBIS is a great chance to make your home more comfortable, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills. By installing insulation, you can help heat loss and keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. You can also help the UK achieve its net zero target by reducing greenhouse gas discharges from warming your home.

What are the eligibility criteria for GBIS?

There are some restrictions around EPC conditions and low cost measures for compliance with mandatory minimal energy efficiency standards. Rental properties will not qualify for insulation measures if they are below EPC rating E. There are also two separate eligibility groups: 

  • A general group.
    1. Council Tax bands A-D (A-E in Scotland and Wales), and
    2. EPC rating between D-G

  • A low income group (must be on a qualifying benefit).
    1. EPC rating between D-G, and
      1. Means tested benefits similar to ECO4 benefits, or
      2. Least efficient Social Housing

The GBIS is expected to fully launch this summer, so don’t miss this chance to improve your home’s energy efficiency. For more information contact your local Proficiency Retrofit Assessor. Simply enter your postcode and select the category Domestic Retrofit Assessment.

There is a guidance document on delivery of GBIS that was published by ofgem on 15th May. Not an easy read, however it is a pretty well-structured document with a clickable index that will take you straight to the specific section you are interested in. As a point of reference document, it does look very useful. 

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