First Time Central Heating Installation Grants

You could be eligible for new FREE central heating Grants

First time central heating

You could be eligible for a FREE central heating system*

If your place has no heating or uses something other than gas (like electricity, LPG, or solid fuel), you might qualify for a first-time central heating system. We’ll set up a full system—boiler, radiators, controls—if your property has gas.

You could get financial help through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) if you meet certain rules.

Central Heating Grants

First time central heating grants are available for qualifying householders, through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO); an obligation placed by the government on the energy suppliers, to provide funding for energy efficiency measures. These grants help low-income households in England, Scotland and Wales, to access funding to install central heating.

Do you need a gas connection?

To get gas for your property, reach out to your local gas company called a Distribution Network Operator (DNO). They manage the system bringing gas to homes. You can locate your DNO.

If you’re considering a new gas connection, there might be grants available. Contact your DNO for advice as funding differs between networks.

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