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Let Edan Home take care of managing your energy supplier, for FREE, all year round. 

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Never overpay on your energy again.

Do you want to save money on your gas & electric bills?

We monitor your energy tariff to automatically switch you to the cheapest deal every 3 months.

Tired of being overcharged? Our FREE service will automatically switch you to the best gas and electric deal from our approved list of suppliers.

We continuously monitor your energy tariff so you never pay more again. The switching process takes days and you don’t have to do a thing – we take care of it all.

Our customers typically save hundreds on their energy bills each year.

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  • Gas & Electric deals

    If you need to find the cheapest gas and electric deal for your home we can help.

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    Use our price comparison tool to find the cheapest domestic energy supplier. 

  • Automatic Switching

    We monitor your tariff to find you the best deal every three months.

  • No fees

    There is no charge for our services when you sign up.

  • Hassle Free

    We take care of the switching process for you, you don’t have to do a thing.

We can help you claim funding to save on your home bills

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